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新技术跟踪: 肝癌, 癌症可用水洗掉

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Medical City任职的外科医生们用水清除肝脏肿瘤

MC是德州第一所使用此项技术的机构, 全美国六所之一.
DALLAS10月9日消息: MC是全德州第一所, 全美第六, 使用这高科技术的医院. 该项技术采用Helix 水枪清除肝脏肿瘤, 从而减少手术流血和肝脏损害等普通手术常见的现象, 它在2002年9月被美联邦药物食品管理局认定通过.

用水枪程序, 高密度精确盐水细小水柱在清除隐藏在肝脏管道, 血管等中的肝癌组织同时不会伤害重要的肝脏结构, 血管等.

如同水枪, Helix Hydrojet可以剥离血管四周的组织但是不会伤害到血管. 暴露的血管可以被结扎或挟住, 这样可以减低病人手术后的不舒服, 加快恢复, 缩短住院时间.

肝脏是一个复杂脆弱的器官布满组织, 血管, 肝小管等. 肝癌通常或会很难治疗, 后果一般预后结果都不好. 一般采用手术切除肿瘤并携带肿瘤生长部分的肝组织. 切断大血管所用的手术刀实施的结果会产生大量出血.


出血必须用高频率电刀烧焦血管出血处, 并结合结扎才能控制. 在出血控制前病人通常会流失大量血液, 肝脏会因高频率电刀的使用留下疤痕损害.

这种新技术能够让我们各更安全得法地切除肿瘤或部分肝脏, 因为水枪可以在不损害学肝, 组织的前提下分离出血管, 暴露出肿瘤进行手术.


Medical City Surgeons Use Water to Remove Liver Tumors
Medical City Is First Texas Hospital to Invest in Helix Hydrojet Technology; One of Six in U.S.

DALLAS, Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical City is the first hospital in Texas, and one of just six medical centers in the U.S., to invest in the state-of-the art Helix Hydrojet(TM) device since the FDA approved it in September 2002. Medical City surgeons are now able to remove tumors from a patient's liver with significantly reduced bleeding and trauma to the organ.

With the Hydrojet procedure, a high-intensity fine jet of saline removes cancerous tissue from the ducts and vessels within the liver while preserving critical structures such as nerves, vessels and ducts.

"Like a giant water pick, the Helix Hydrojet strips away tissue between vessels without breaking them, and the exposed vessels can be tied off and clamped," said Brian M. Gogel, M.D. "This minimizes the risk and discomfort for the patient, easing their recovery and shortening their hospital stay."

The liver is a complex matrix of tissue, ducts and vessels. Liver tumors can be very difficult to treat and often have devastating consequences. Surgical techniques commonly used in liver resection (removal of part of the organ containing a tumor) are performed using a scalpel, which causes massive bleeding because major blood vessels must be cut.

The bleeding must be controlled through high intensity electrocautery in combination with tying off the many individual bleeding vessels. Large amounts of blood commonly are lost before the bleeding can be controlled, and the exposed surface of the liver is scarred from the electrocautery.

Patients undergoing hepatic (liver) resection usually require massive blood transfusion
and long post-operative stays in the ICU.

"This new technology allows us to more safely remove a section of the liver versus traditional methods," said Robert M. Steckler, M.D. "Blood loss is minimized because we can more precisely dissect the tissue surrounding the blood vessels in the liver and seal them as we go."

Medical City is a 598-bed tertiary medical center that includes the North Texas Hospital for Children at Medical City. Some 1,250 physicians are on the medical staff, along with over 2,600 hospital employees. Many of Medical City's programs have received national and international recognition, including cardiovascular, craniofacial, oncology, pediatric and transplant services.

In 2003, Medical City was named one of the top "Best Places to Work" in Dallas in a survey of employees conducted by the Dallas Business Journal.

In August 2003, Dallas Mayor Laura Miller recognized Medical City for its history
of providing medical care for those in need and for dedicating extensive resources to the betterment of the community.

SOURCE Medical City